Pokémon Is Still Popular!

Well, at least in Japan. The new Pokémon Diamond/Pearl for the Nintendo DS sold two million copies, and half a million limited edition DS Lites in just a few hours. Click here for more pictures of people standing in line.

Here’s a video of what a real life Pika (Pikachu) looks like:

7 thoughts on “Pokémon Is Still Popular!

  1. Pokeman is crazy in Japan more then even Hello Kitty! Its just crazes these japanese go through!

    The pika is pretty funny looking animal! hehehe

  2. I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and still am…but only for the games not for the trade cards and stuff. I played Pokemon before it became a big hit in the US and in Kuwait.

    I confess that I am an avid gamer of Pokemon, I tend to raise the Ultimate team by following very advance methods that a newbie cannot even follow. In my Emerald version, I spent more than 200 hours of playtime and in Silver version I have played probably 216 hours with 249 Pokemon collected (The only Pokemon I’m missing are Mew and Celebi because you can only get them in Nintendo events).

    I cannot wait for D/P to release especially with Online play and all, making trading a lot easier.

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