Captain Majid on PS2

Even though the Captain Tsubasa anime stems back as far as the 1980’s, the series is still alive in Japan as evident by this new game release for the Playstation 2. I’m not a football/soccer/Winning Eleven fan, but judging from the screenshots below, the game looks pretty impressive. Take a look:

23 thoughts on “Captain Majid on PS2

  1. LOL la latshkikny ib nafsy, its captin majid.

    I loved Captain Rabi7 & Hadaf & the baseball guy….do u remember him? Shismha his famous tharba? :P Ily his dad tought him?

  2. Cooliooo. I’m so gonna buy that game I <3 captain Majed.
    I have the old video game in Play Station :].
    Ahh the good old days.

  3. OMG!! Tsubasa?!! His name was Tsubasa?! LOOOL! Now that’s hilarious!

    Captain Maged, tat-ta-ra!

    I remember collecting Captain Maged stickers that came in a chocolate bar when I was itsy bitsy, then my cousins and I would trade them. Ahh…the good old days!

  4. I really love him! he’s such a great boy, especially his looks and moves!!! Sure it’s WOW…SUPERB! Even being a girl, I love football and ofcourse, watch Captain Majed daily!

  5. Although he was hurt he completed that game in season 2… Remember when he was taken to the hospital? Thank God he’s back!

  6. I really love watching Captain Majed! Even though I dont understand Arabic, it’s enough to interest me….I’m a girl, and if it can attract me then it’s gotta be cooooollll!!! Right?

  7. My Goodness!!! Thank God I still have Captain Majed recorded in my video cassette! His songs are so cool and I love his spiky hair!
    He’s so smart you all guys know…. :)

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