Clean Desktop

I hate cluttered desktop icons and multiple scattered windows on the screen; I find them very distracting. In Windows, one way of focusing on your work is by maximizing the window or making it, “full screen”. For mac users however, Apple’s philosophy has always been about consuming useful space as apposed to maximum space because it makes tasks like dragging and dropping between applications much easier.

Whichever way you want to look at it, sometimes being able set a program to full-screen can be quite gratifying. WriteRoom, for example, was made popular due to the fact that it was a simple text editor that focused only on text and nothing but.

After searching around the web, and experimenting a little, I found a pretty powerful combination of apps that will make the user experience much cleaner and simpler to work with. It’s not exactly full-screen but this is as close as it gets to bring that effect:

  1. DesktopSweeper
    Hit Cmd + Return and toggle hiding or showing desktop icons instantly.
  2. Menufela
  3. Hide the menu bar completely and make use of those top pixels. Move your mouse to the top edge of the screen to make it reappear.

  4. Spirited Away
  5. Auto-hide inactive windows after a set period of time. You can specify exceptions.

  6. Quicksilver
    Clear your dock, hide it, then use quicksilver to launch your applications.

4 thoughts on “Clean Desktop

  1. That is really cool! I agree with you I like to keep my desktop uncluttered! And nothing on it! I refuse to keep anything on it! Any of the programs I use constantly is pinned to the start menu!

    I still want to try unbuntu! And see how clean that is!

  2. Nice combination. I use Desktopple instead of DesktopSweeper and I’ve been using Quicksilver as well so I’ll give it a shot and try Menufela, I don’t think I’ll be needing Spirited Away though.

    You know what would be exteremly cool to have? Menubar application that displays a list of more menubar items in a drop-down menu. It gets frustrating when I don’t have enough space on my PB 12″ menubar for more items. I’ve desperately searched everywhere for something similar but I couldn’t find anything. Got any recommendations? =/

  3. The Criticizer, I tried Desktopple but I didn’t like the fact that it added an extra layer to the background.

    I don’t know any workaround for your toolbar problem, I guess you should remove the ones you least need for now.

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