London Chocolate Tastes Better

“This isn’t regular chocolate. This is London chocolate!”

A box-full of Cadbury Flakes was given to me by my thoughtful aunt as a souvenir from her long vacation in the UK. There’s nothing left of it now; surely you can’t expect me to resist myself, but it got me pondering, “Why was it more delicious than the locally-produced chocolate of the same brand?”.Did it contain an ingredient that would otherwise be banned in other countries? Were the portions of the local product slightly off-balance? Maybe the taste was not very different at all, but rather our perception becomes skewed within our mind due to the pleasant associated thoughts revolving, “travel”, “vacation” and such.

Note: The content of this post was brought to you as a result of consuming large portions of chocolate and may not make any sense.

13 thoughts on “London Chocolate Tastes Better

  1. 3alayk bil 3afya…I’m going to london on the 19th and the only thing I keep thinking about is getting a hold of a Maltesers bucket :)
    London’s chocolates always taste better

  2. haha 3baid lel7een eyiboon flake sowayigh?!

    the Question is … who has the best chocolate?

    Switzerland, England or Belgium?

  3. Actually, the ingrediants are slightly different from a country to another.
    It’s supposed to match the population’s taste.
    I guess you could try to sign up a petition and send it to Cadbury and ask them to have the same ingrediants for Kuwait :P

  4. Howahkan, their Maltesers are the best.

    Mother Courage, lail7een :P

    coolfreak, yup :)

    Blue Ice Envy, I demand english taste!

    Dr.Lost, I’m too busy eating to tell the difference.

    Adorra, tell us the short version :P

  5. I thought the same thing about Orange Fanta once. I had some in Australia. Uzbekistan and USA and I swear there is more flavor and bubble in Uzbekistan. and the USA is less orange colored. Aussie average.

  6. im late but 3adii..

    Iv studied in london and i was a chocoholic but since coming to kuwait i havent put chocolate in my mouth, it tastes bad here and i dont know why !!

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