The Official Google Mac Blog

My prayers have been partially answered with the announcement of the Google Mac Blog! The recent collaborations between Google and Apple are looking very promising and certainly hold a lot of potential for bringing new services to consumers. There have already been rumors floating around the web regarding a secret project, and being the enthusiast, I can’t help but brain-storm the possibilities of integration:


  • One-click publishing to Blogger/Google Pages/Picasa Web Albums
  • GPS support?

  • iCal

  • Easy synchronization with Google Calender
  • One-click private/public calender sharing
  • iMovie

  • One click export to Google Videos
  • Address Book

  • Syncronize with Gmail contacts
  • Support for Google Maps/Google Earth Addresses
  • Mail

  • Support Gmail labels
  • Display remaining mail storage
  • Safari

  • Synchronize bookmarks
  • Built-in Google Suggestions
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Syncronize RSS feeds with Google Reader
  • iWeb

  • Offline Blogger entries and scheduled publishing
  • Others

  • iDisk alternative
  • More Google widgets
  • Google Searches via spotlight
  • Google Spreadsheets with iWork
  • Better support for Google Talk on iChat
  • I could go on and on…

    Update: Google just bought YouTube!


    3 thoughts on “The Official Google Mac Blog

    1. Google is freaking all over the place! Its insane what they are integrating their products with! Freaking great! Seriously!

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