MacQibla 3.0

Here’s a nifty app for prayer time reminders on the Mac platform. The free version doesn’t support audio playback, but take a look at the impressive list of features (taken from the developers website):

  • Direction of Mecca from any city in the world.
  • Accurate prayer times for any date and location.
  • Time remaining until next prayer.
  • Properly handles conditions at high latitudes.
  • Support for all Daylight Saving Time systems.
  • Plays user-selected MP3 audio at prayer times.
  • Converts between Western and Islamic calendars.
  • Database of 10,000 cities included.
  • Exports monthly prayer time tables.
  • Beautifully redesigned interface – a total Aqua experience under OS X.

Website: Xeric Design


6 thoughts on “MacQibla 3.0

  1. Valentia, I enjoy telling people about how great Macs are, but don’t take my word for it, you’ll have to try it yourself.

    The Criticizer, yup.

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