Sierra Card Exchange Promotion

Untill the 27th of December, you can replace your old Data Connect Card (Sierra Wireless) with 20% off a new and faster Data Connect Card by visiting an MTC branch. The MTC website does not mentioned whether this “new card” is PCMCIA Express or not, but its full price is 75 KD.

Link: MTC Vodafone Website

5 thoughts on “Sierra Card Exchange Promotion

  1. I dont think the network itself is a viable solution at this point, I tried it and it isnt up to par with the 3G/UMTS I tried in Europe. So I will wait on it!

  2. That’s interesting!!

    I might get one for myself when I come to Kuwait this Xmas…our area still lacks phone lines (can you guess where that is LOL?)

  3. I am doing testing on the cards right now .. they are fairly decent if you are in a good location.

    I am getting ~128k dsl speeds: 20k down and ~300ms.

    The deal itself is crap; unless your old card is useless and collecting dust. I would rather pay the full price and keep my old card for backup; as its worth more than 25kd.

    The new data card (Huawei E620) is very good; much more reliable than the old sierra cards.

    Again; the connection is only as good as the signal. If there are issues with 3G or service in your area .. don’t get it. MTC is working on getting their full network 3G by the end of the year.

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