Word Suggestions

This is a very neat hidden (or not so obvious) feature in Mac OS X:

If you are typing something in any cocoa application and you are not sure how to spell the word, press F5 or Esc and Mac OS X will give you some suggestions.

Courtesy of Silver Mac.


11 thoughts on “Word Suggestions

  1. I wonder what life would be like without spell check and word suggestions…

    Bitter I tell you… absolutely bitter !!

    (emmm did I misssspell anything ??:P)

  2. i used to use windows and everything was ok!! then i started to use MAC & everything was SOOOO MUCH better!! sumtimes (when my dad is using my laptop) i have to use my sister’s pc (windows) ATNARFAAAZZ!! its soo slow!! o kilshwaay i3alig!!

  3. how can i add words to the suggestions? I often type with abbreviations (for example “so’g” for “something” and I’d like to be able to have those converted later automatically)


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