Feature Request: Resumable Playlists

With all the praise and love I have for Apple, not everyone expects me to criticize their products, but nevertheless at the end of the day, it all comes down to being a satisfied consumer. Now I’ve been using iPods for quite a long time and there have been countless improvements, but if there was one feature that I’ve always wanted it would have to be resumable playlists.

It’s great that iTunes and iPods include a way to remember the playback position for individual podcasts, audiobooks as well as songs, but if I create a long playlist, play halfway through, decide to watch a video, then go back to listening to my playlist, I don’t expect to listen through the them from the beginning!

One workaround is to shuffle the playlist so that it always plays differently whenever you start it, but then again, the playlist doesn’t ‘reshuffle’ until you sync your iPod. Even if you consider turning on the iPod’s shuffle feature, all the other playlists that were meant to play in a certain order would play randomly until you go back to the settings menu and disable it.


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