November Post.A.No.Secret Tag

Seeing how the weather was cooling down the past couple of days, I decided to open my window to let some fresh air into my room. Less than twenty minutes later, I get two mosquito bites on my foot. Darn those little blood-sucking critters! They make the window grill look pathetic. My Secret: I refuse to open the window.


11 thoughts on “November Post.A.No.Secret Tag

  1. The weather is amazing.. and last night was a bit chilly :)

    I’m sitting in my office now and when you mentioned opening the window..I did…but no mosquito bites yet :)

  2. ma tshoof shar.. ana ams 6ol ellail scratching my shoulder, while sleeping.. when i woke up for prayer i noticed am still scratching o al7een bildawam still b3d :( elthaahir mawsimhum.

  3. I had about seven spider’s bites around my left eye a few days ago. I almost lost my eye! I did not even open my window, this monster managed to make a hole under the balcony’s window and did it while I was asleep! And people wonder why I am arachnephobic! They want me dead :-P

  4. i love sitting still and watching it prick me.. is that sadistic? or is it just me

    (hurts like a bitch when u focus on it) hard to fight the urge to swat them

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