Blog From Your Dock

Here’s a quick way to write new posts for Mac users:

  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and drag the “new post” link onto your desktop.
  2. Go back to your blog, press Command+Shift+4 then hold down Ctrl and drag your mouse to you take a square screenshot of your title. The image will be stored into your clipboard for step 4.
  3. Go back to the link icon on your desktop, select it, then press Command+I to view the Get Info window.
  4. Highlight the icon, and press Command+V to paste the blog image.
  5. Rename the file to “New Post” and drag it to the dock.

Your new posts are now only one click away :]

Note: The dock alias will not work if you trash the original file from your desktop. Instead move it into any other folder in your home directory.


7 thoughts on “Blog From Your Dock

  1. Extinct-Dodo, you’re welcome!!

    Jacqui, it works with any link (except for Javascripts). I simply prefer a dock link as apposed to a bookmark in the browser because I think blogging needs to be just as accessible as running an application.

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