More Of the Same

When I first started blogging, I was unsure of how keeping an online journal could prove beneficial. After all, there are only so many topics that any one person could write about; sooner or later, it becomes harder to bring up new ideas without having to repeat what’s already been said. “New iPods? Cool phone? Tasty donuts?” …you get the picture.

Writers quickly lose interest in blogging because new posts lose their sense of uniqueness while readers, on the other hand, would only expect certain types of posts and lack anticipation. I like to think of this as a phase in which a blog has reached its “point of saturation” and unless the author is willing to share their individual day-to-day experiences, it’s pretty much more of the same.

Having said that now, I believe Anything Goes has reached its saturation point. However, that doesn’t mean the blog has to end. Despite the many blogs out there that have stopped updating for that very reason, there are also quite a few others that are doing just fine.


6 thoughts on “More Of the Same

  1. I have always been, and will continue to be a subscriber to your rss feed and blog. So I’ll just wait patiently for your next update.

    Your buddy always,


  2. Misguided, RSS comes in handy doesn’t it? :P Well, thank you for subscribing :)

    Blue Ice Envy, it’s about quality not quantity :/

    DiiGMaa, Adorra: I’m not quitting. I’m just saying that this blog has already touched on many of the topics that I tend to write about.

    Marzouq, you know… after saturation, random is probably the only way to go!

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