Never Miss Another Kuwaiti Blog Post Again!

So many blogs, yet so little time. How can you keep up with the Kuwaiti blogosphere? Well it’s much easier than you might have thought and all you’ll be needing is good ol’ Firefox:

  1. Direct your browser to (KuwaitBlog’s aggregator) and click on the orange RSS icon in the address bar.
  2. Click on the subscribe button when prompted to subscribe to the site feed.
  3. Give the feed a name and save it anywhere you wish. I chose to save it on the bookmark toolbar for easy access.
  4. Whenever you’re in the mood for reading, click on the live feed and pick any of the recent posts that you wish to view.
  5. You could also chose to open all the posts at once, however I don’t recommend this on slower machines. The advantage of using this method as opposed to a standalone newsreader is avoiding the short/blank article snippets and heading straight to the content.

Note: At times, Firefox may fail to parse the feed because of the use of non-unicode (Arabic) characters within some blogs. In that case you can resort to using Mark’s aggregator at as an alternative, although it’s not as inclusive and the feed is limited to 10 posts at a time. Follow the same procedure to subscribe to practically any RSS-enabled website.


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