The Super Secret Kuwaiti Blogging Community

During today’s episode of Compunet World (3alam el Compunet), a Kuwaiti TV tech show, Manar Al-Hashash began her usual segment by answering some viewers’ questions. Someone had inquired about the term “blog” and she briefly explained online journals, then went on about how easy it is to visit and create one for yourself.

Wait a minute; what happened to the more popular services?! Oddly enough, Manar didn’t mention neither of Blogger or WordPress, and I would expect someone as computer-literate as herself to be aware of such tools. After all, the show has always been about the best technologies and services out there. Could it be that her choice of was a deliberate move to make the topic around the Kuwaiti blogging community all the more avoidable? :o

Update: Link to’s blog post.

16 thoughts on “The Super Secret Kuwaiti Blogging Community

  1. If it comes down to language, there are other sites like,, and that are also arabic. Besides, some of the other sites that she features are already in english. You can’t conduct a search for “blog” or “المدوّنة” without arriving at a blogger page; it’s almost like talking about search engines and neglecting Google!

  2. i think bcuz she works for that site.. bas u know its better she didn’t mention blogger and wordpress we don’t need ignorant people who heard about the site from tv.. no offense to anyone

  3. Hello Kuwaiti Bloggers,

    This the first time we hear about this at Jeeran but it wasn’t the first time we get a mention from the Kuwaiti media :) (so no, we are not a new site, but blogging is our newest service)

    I remember around three years ago there was an Internet show for kids on Kuwait TV and in an episode they explained how to signup on Jeeran, back then we didn’t have blogging and our community was centered on free hosting. You have to pride yourselves for having progressive media that has been following the Internet for such a long time, and more importantly keeping an eye on the developments in the region. Nothing easier than having a show talking about the latest things that Yahoo! and Google did.

    We pride ourselves that we have created a service that rivals blogger in terms of features. As of today (Dec 06), over a thousand Kuwaiti bloggers, and close to thirty thousand Arab bloggers decided to start their blogging experience on Jeeran instead of the sites that were mentioned. Please give Jeeran blogs a try and we would love to have feedback that would help us make the service even better for our members. (

    A final OT note I’d like to say, not everything created in the west is automatically good, and not everything that is created in the region is automatically bad. Try and decide for yourself!

    Thank you everyone and hope to see you all as members in Jeeran, we have exciting new developments on the way :)

  4. Thank you for you comment, Omar. First, I would like to say well done for bringing all these great services to your members and your commitment on improvement seem promising.

    Second, regarding your statement about western services being better, I just want to clarify that I have nothing against or its users. In fact, I believe it is in bloggers best interest to use the services with the greatest features.

    I wrote this post as a result of my curiosity as to why was exclusively mentioned on the show. As it stands, the majority of the Kuwaiti blogs, including the more popular ones (at least on, are primarily Blogger and WordPress users.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to the individual’s choice and the more people know about the various tools and products, the better decisions they’ll make for themselves.

  5. 3baidycat!

    hihihi. I need help redesigning my new page, and who else could I turn to but my favoritest computer-know-it-all online?

    Can you pencil me in? :D


  6. Hi N! :D

    Since you’ve just started blogging again, I suggest you switch to Blogger Beta so that it’s easier to edit your template. You’ll need a google account, but you have Gmail, you can use that too.

  7. 3baid:
    walla zain you watch the show.. ana ma yemdy I watch much tv.. always busy doing useless things.. Ya7lailhom KTV.. khoash baramij ;)


    I know this site..
    Oh yes I rememeber now… (long story)

    Shayib !:P

  8. 3baid,
    Late comment, but hey…

    Manar Al-Hashash is NOT a computer-literate person. Well, not as much as she’s SUPPOSED to be; So don’t put high hopes. And if your argument that she’s in all IT/Tech related events in Kuwait, I say it’s because she’s a woman who’s pushing herself to the front of each camera…

    The fact that she mentioned Jeeran only is a proof to my “claim”

    Cute? Have you met her in person? I did! It’s like a mega-ton of make-up had SAT on her face!!

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