Email from Washington DC

I just got an email from someone that reads:

I was very interested reading your blog. I am an American student living in Washington DC and I am preparing a paper on how the social services of Kuwait are so much better than American. I have lots of statistics but I was looking for some personal accounts to know if it’s true. My paper is due tomorrow and I can’t find anything on the WEB. Wish I read Arabic!Would it be possible for you be able to give me a personal example about yourself or someone you know benefiting from Kuwait social service? (i.e. education benefits, allowances.) For example, I know one guy’s uncle who was sent overseas for an operation and the government paid for it. Just try getting that in American health care. I’d really appreciate anything you could tell me.

With many thanks and if you don’t have time I understand. All the best.
[Name Removed]

I don’t think I’m the right person to answer these questions because I have yet to work, “in the real world”. Health care, education, water, and electricity are almost free and tax doesn’t exist
as far as I’m aware, but don’t take my word for it. The example you gave about the operation is true, but you have to keep in mind that the doctors here are not as… reliable?

If anyone has something better to say, please comment!


2 thoughts on “Email from Washington DC

  1. Tell him about the loan payments that happened after liberation and that is being discussed now. That will blow his mind :-)

  2. I think that our social services ARE much better than anywhere else. Adding to what you mentioned that you get a ‘money gift’ from the government when you get married + 50kd for each child(every month) + a flexible loan for you to be able to buy a house. Which is why we are taking Kuwait for granted and asking for things that anywhere else would be considered absurd.

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