I’m a Copycat

Sony has a spoof off of Apple’s switch ads on their wesbite that claims that the VAIO experience is more enjoyable than that of regular PCs or on Macs.

As great as their laptops are, unless VAIOs come with their own OS, this analogy is practically baseless because they still run Windows!

I think it’s pathetic that Sony would stoop that low for an ad. The company remains arrogant despite their continuous problems that started with exploding batteries, up to the more recent lackluster sales of the PSP/PS3, and eventually leading to the removal of Ken Kutaragi. If this sort of attitude continues, Sony could easily fall behind its competitors.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Copycat

  1. My sister’s family all bought VAIOs when they first came out, and a year later, they are dumping them just as fast. VAIO is buggy and quirky, not in good ways.

  2. The ad was on the stupid side .. Sony needs to put a bit more thought next time.

    As for Vaio’s I have had a laptop for the past three years and so far it has been bulletproof (I got a new battery last month). You just need to format it a couple of months to keep it running clean.

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