Case of the Cute Car-Kitten

Pardon the alliteration. My mom was about to leave the house when the following took place:

Brother: Come outside quick! My mom wants you!
3baid: Wants me? I’m sure I haven’t blocked her car, what could she want?
Brother: There’s a cat!
3baid: What about it?
Brother: In the car!

And sure enough…

Mom: Isn’t it pretty? That sneaky thing; if I had driven off, it’d be dead by now!
3baid: It’s so cute! But how did you spot her? It’s so tiny!
Brother: I saw her climb through the tire.

I reached my hand to hold the kitty but it hissed and scratched violently in fear. Right before I could go for a second attempt, it hid itself in a very narrow opening.

View from under the car

Mom: Wallah bilshah! (What a dilemma!) I need to go now or I’ll be late!
3baid: Hand me a stick, I’ll be able to push her out gently.

It’s no use. Kitty won’t budge.

We thought of pushing the car towards the inclined part of the garage so that it would be easier to reach it.

The kitten was in an awkward position and we were too scared that it might have got caught or possibly injured. But since we couldn’t just leave it there, we had to take a chance.

Brother: We could hose it out with water!

The cold wet kitten simply refused to move!

After several more minutes of more pushing and water spraying, the wet kitten finally slipped through the side and dashed its way across the neighborhood unharmed. How many cats have you saved?

Note: Blogger won’t upload these images; they’re hosted on imageshack.


16 thoughts on “Case of the Cute Car-Kitten

  1. so we used to breed street cats in my back yard, and every winter we had issues with kittens curling up inside the engine to stay warm..

    once my mum was a little to hasty and revved up the engine.. f*cked the car up, and killed a little sweet kitten..

    now.. we honk.

    lol i wish i could have told u, saved you all the trouble of hosing, and trying to pull it out.

    you get in the car, and honk 2 – 3 times before u start the engine.. we do it every time it’s cold in Kuwait.. killing one cat was traumatic enough.

  2. I didn’t expect a loud sound would make it run out. The racket of opening the car door and hood as well as running the engine should’ve been enough to scare it away.

  3. Good for you for taking your time when your Mom was in such a hurry. Sometimes, in their panic, they can get really stuck.

  4. Awwwww little cutie pie :/ I can’t stand little animal torture, ants I can kill, I hate ants and cockroaches and all slimey things but not cats or dogs or anything furry and fluffy… Oh yeah and I hate fish!

    But I am glad it left safely!

  5. very cute cat ;p

    aham shay it wouldnt get out even after you hosed it with water… she/he must have been very scared :s

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