Sweet Hearts Give Blood Awareness Campaign


Shortages in Kuwait’s Central Blood Bank has lead to the formation of the Sweet Hearts Give Blood awareness campaign. With hopes of encouraging blood donations, they released a television ad featuring different Kuwaiti celebrities talking about the situation as a national responsibility. I couldn’t help but notice its incredible resemblance to the video from the ONE campaign. You can download and watch the short clip for yourself here.


7 thoughts on “Sweet Hearts Give Blood Awareness Campaign

  1. Hmmm interesting..

    I can’t donate blood.. they always send me home and say living over 10 years in the UK means I may have MAD COW disease..

    Mad Cow I tell you… silly buggers..

    so all I can offer, like the ONE campaign asks for, is my voice.. with a flipping accent ;P

    who are they calling a Bloody MAD COW !!

  2. Giving blood is something quick and easy that anyone can do, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is moseying around the Jabriya area blood bank to do if they have some time. It is quick, relatively painless (bring your iPod nano or video, or a book) and they will have you out of there in no time.

    Aaahh… in Kuwait it is always about everyone copying one another – except the next person tries to outcopy you in some way…it’s like evolution I guess, LOL!


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