Blogger vs WordPress

Some recent switchers to Blogger Beta have been experiencing commenting-related problems that have enticed the idea of moving to WordPress. After searching the web for a decent comparison between the two services, I drew my own table to let you decide whether making the change is worth it or not:

Click here for full table

In short, if you take blogging seriously, need to check statistics, store multiple pages, upload and update software and don’t mind paying for hosting then WordPress is for you. On the other hand, if you’re a casual blogger who simply wants a place to write their thoughts, share pictures, customize their template, not worry about any kind of code/fee/storage limit, then Blogger is for you.

Reminder: Blogger in Beta is not a finished product. Google will be continually fixing and adding new features as they go.

Please leave any comments if you spot any errors or an important feature that is not included in the table.

5 thoughts on “Blogger vs WordPress

  1. Thanks for that useful comparison. I have been in constant frustration about the “old” vs beta comment issues – it’s not new. It probably has to do with identity/security. They just need to fix the issues faster, or as you said, people will leave.

  2. Thanks! I was an early Beta switcher and most the problems that I’ve faced were caused by the browser’s cache and not the service itself.

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