For The Love of Nintendo

“Wii Wii Wii!”

“Nintendo 64!”


12 thoughts on “For The Love of Nintendo

  1. LoL I agree with Fallen Angel on the first one; it’s an imitation of the N64 kid, who was pretty famous for that shocked expression :P.

    I posted about selling a brand new Wii system, but I did it in under the wrong label apparently… sorry! If anyone is interested look into the Kit Kat post for the details. I posted under the name Hot Orange but apparently it’s taken in other places so I shouldn’t use it.

  2. i did that when my dad said ” 3abdala what u got 2day?? ” i was like emm nothing.. akeed my dad yabe shay ..

    And he said after ‘3ada get ready wer getting u the ibook g4 u wanted ;) * The first apple product i bought *

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