Paper Dumping

I found an abandoned pile of Enzo leaflets behind a small transformer today. Pay someone low enough to do the tedious task of going around placing paper ads on car windshields and this sort of littering comes as no surprise.


7 thoughts on “Paper Dumping

  1. my god how low is that
    hmm be nasty and call enzo manegment
    and tell them the spot they will identufy the dude who dropped them

    i always wonder do these companies relly disterbute this amount of adds or like this one throun away?

  2. Awww…

    Well I’m standing in defense of the dude that gives out the leaflets. I mean, it’s freezing cold and he has to put these leaflets on every single windshield. Maybe he used the leaflets as pillow to rest his head while he rested, then woke up startled and ran away :p lol

  3. Ok seriousley

    Enzo is the worst resturant out there…

    ya3ni if the delivery guy didnt throw them aw bil a7ra place them safe behind that thing…

    chan il people ili legaw il ads on their windows did .. so Chithi willa chithak they will end up on the floor ..Si?

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