Have A Break

Friend: i go write quick essay
Friend: finish essay
Friend: come over
Friend: have kitkat at your house
Friend: leave
3baid: LOL!

Yes, I’m the chocolate guy :)


17 thoughts on “Have A Break

  1. Uneeq here – Thanks for your comment! Ill make the changes nd postup a new entry soon :)
    Do u think its a good idea to add my name to it? I felt something was missing and i think it might be the fact that i dnt hav my name on the card.
    Let me kno wat u think :)
    p.s interesting blog :)

  2. hey 3baid,

    I pass by your blog with what i can call a ” very good chance” :)

    Let me give you my “magic” ways where you can enjoy havin’ a KitKat :

    – Choose 4 kitkat fingers wrap, pull them out n lay them so carefully ..tenderly on a plate ..
    -open the Microwave door..
    -put the plate inside ..
    -close the door , n’ let it roll for 30 seconds ONLY .
    -take the plate out
    -ENJOY ;)

  3. …just to let you people know…3baid IS the chocolate man….this is ‘friend’

    and to give you another MAGIC way of eating kitkat

    delicately bite off the chocolate until there is only biscuit left

    then go get cadbury chocolate
    melt it in the microwave


  4. Pardon me for doing this, but I thought this might be relevant since you posted about the Nintendo Wii sometime back and your page came up on Google search…

    I have a brand new US Wii system for sale in Kuwait if anybody is interested. We only turned it on once to make sure it’s working and do the update (which made some people’s machine faulty) and then turned it off. I took it to a friend’s house to use his cables and connectors so everything is still in the box and unused!

    It only comes in a bundle though but buyers have a choice of getting it with an extra remote + nunchuck or not. The bundle includes:

    US Nintendo Wii
    Wii Sports
    1 Gb Wii Sandisk Memory Card
    Madden 07
    (optional) extra remote
    (optional) extra nunchuck
    Stepdown transformer OR a new X-Box AC adapter which is what Al-Aqsa packs with the Wii.

    I’m looking for 180 KD for the bundle (minus the extra controllers), and before you eat me alive, I didn’t just pay $250 for it especially since I was forced to buy a bundle and pay shipping, taxes, etc.

    I got 2 machines, one which a friend took, and one which is for sale. If anybody is interested, please reply and we’ll carry it through email or something.

    Sorry for invading your space but I thought you or some of your readers might be interested.


  5. 3baid,

    I tried Hawalli actually but haven’t found anybody yet :). I’m willing to lower the price for serious buyers, so if you know of anyone please let them contact me on this email:


    Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work :).

    Q8i Merchant (FKA Hot Orange)

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