Perfume-Scented Burgers

After grabbing the Wii-motes from my house, my friends and I decided to go order a couple of meals from McDonald’s for take-away. Later, when we reached my friend’s place and began to dig into our food, I detected a peculiar scent that seemed to originate from my burger. Every time I came to take a bite, I would get a whiff of a something that smells like masculine cologne; the expensive kind that men would wear for their dishdashas during Eid?

“My burger smells good!”, I exclaimed.
“Yes 3baid, that’s what food smells like when you’re hungry”, one of them says.
“No no! I mean really good, like perfume -it’s weird –wait it’s gone!”

I started to sniff around trying to locate (or at least identify) the scent as my friends gaze and laugh at me like I’m a lunatic. “It’s weird; I only smell it when I take a bite…”, I concluded, the point at which my friend stop eating, drop and laugh hysterically. I decided to pass the burger around to try to make sense of it all, but they couldn’t smell anything odd. What could it be? Was it the pickles? Maybe the place I happened to be sitting at? Nope.

“Oh never mind”. I was too hungry to bother so I carried on eating away.

With just a small piece left of my burger, I thought I’d give it one last shot for the sake of curiosity. I was the only person who was able to detect the strange scent after all, right?

My eyes lit up as I discovered that the source of that strong aroma came from none other my hands. The secret was behind the liquid soap that I had used earlier during the day! How could I have not known that?!

More laughing fits emanate shortly after.

5 thoughts on “Perfume-Scented Burgers

  1. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Now I want a burger and it is 3:35 AM.
    I haven’t had MC donlands for months NOW!!!

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