My cousin sent me this picture that he took. McDonald’s offers home delivery only in a few countries; have they finally caved in to Kuwait’s lazy society? :P

10 thoughts on “McDelivery?

  1. thats bad
    our society is already fat enough going out n stuffing their faces with burgurs… now u wont get to burn the few callories u usually do on ur drive there!

  2. The next big thing will probably be having the staff feed you directly. You don’t have to hold the burger and get your hands dirty! :D

  3. Woah…

    My American friends are sooo gonna be jealous. they were like “WTF” when I told them that both Burger King and KFC in Kuwait offer delivery services.

    BTW, good to have you back man and smart move switching to wordpress LOL.

    PS: This is Fallen Angel but I changed it to “Angelo” when I switched to wordpress…you know what they say…a new blog deserves a new name…(in my world that is) :D

  4. Well I’ve always mocked the McDonald strategy. What do they mean no home delivery? When I have the choice, McDonald is the last on the list. Do they think I will ignore all home delivery options, get dressed and drive to their location?

    Finally they realized their ego is costing them money.

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