Play Wii on iMac


I don’t have enough money or room space to purchase a new TV so I opted to play my Wii on the iMac. The USB eyeTV hybrid accepts composite cable and allows for full screen viewing. In addition, the included software lets you record and/or encode video directly to Quicktime or iPod format. The quality isn’t great (as expected from any analog signal source), but playback is responsive with virtually no latency.


3 thoughts on “Play Wii on iMac

  1. I gotta try this…although, I don’t have a Mac, just a Macbook.

    BTW, did you get the progressive scan cable for the Wii? You should get one if you don’t cuz Zelda looks beautiful with it…on par with some of 360 games.

  2. I have the component cable, but I don’t have a TV to use it on yet. Remember that Zelda is a GameCube port so it’s not using the Wii’s full graphics capabilities :)

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