I Hate Coins

Piggy Bank

  • They’re Heavy
  • They are not worth much
  • They rattle
  • If they fall, they’ll roll away
  • If you hold them for a while, your hands start to smell

15 thoughts on “I Hate Coins

  1. but you know you love finding a coin dating back to 1941! i got super excited when i found one :P

    or the rare 1 fils?

    or all the random trivia about them.. like they have ridges because people used to shave off the edges to collect the silver to make another coin out of the shavings.. (now they aren’t silver, but we still have the ridges)

  2. i have a huge jar filled with alot of coins, my grandmother and my uncle always give me their coins and i put them in that jar, i never counted them, but they are alot

  3. I have Egyptian coins and Kuwaiti coins in my purse. Can you imagine the look on the cashier’s face when I hand her a 25 piaster coin? lol

    Plus, without coins I can’t buy Diet Cola from the vending machine on campus!!!!!!

  4. Disregard of how right you are on all you say, how on earth did you thought about writing this article I wonder :)

    This blog brings us the strangest ideas… like your Kuwait Paper Dump… really liked it ;)

  5. I thought about vending machines, but then again, a lot of the new ones can accept banknotes so… no excuses! Maybe in the future, someone can create a vending machine that accepts credit cards :P

    Thank you Bashar! I get a lot of ideas, but most of the time, they’re either too difficult (for me) to implement or I’m too lazy to do it. I also keep a lot of thoughts to myself because in general, nobody else seems to be interested in my topics. They may be meaningless to some; inspirational to others. Who knows…

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