Dear Customer

I got a phone call yesterday:

“Hello sir, may I take a minute of your time?”
“Go ahead.”
“We’re [insert corporate name] and we’d like to update our records about you…”
“You live in [insert address] ?”
“And your phone number is [insert number]?”
“…um yes.”

You’re calling me from it aren’t you? :/
Unless you got the wrong guy *horror theme* @_@


2 thoughts on “Dear Customer

  1. I’ll tell you what’s worse. My bank once called me saying:
    Bank>We would like to offer you our new account blah blah blah
    Me>OK, create that account

    and it went on. They created an additional account, put certain amount of money in it from a phone call they made! I wonder what kind of authentication that would be? If i sell my phone line one day, that guy could get easy access to my credentials.

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