Level Ten Chocolate Master

Cadbury Flake

I’ve perfected the art of eating an entire cadbury flake without making any kind of mess. The procedure relies on a secret technique that must be performed before opening the wrapper. Only those who possess a clear mind and a pure appetite for chocolate can unlock this skill.


24 thoughts on “Level Ten Chocolate Master

  1. 1- you squeze it gently till its all smashed
    2- you cut the top
    3- you put it in your mouth
    4- the rounds of the top become wet from ur mouth
    5- you cut again
    6- you keep eating
    7- it’s all done and nothing is left to be on your cloths or floor

  2. isn’t the beauty of flake in its messiness?? Leading us to reminisce about chocolate stained mouth and cheeks from our childhood.. oh wait that happened to me yesterday..
    .. btw 3baid i never knew u could eat flake without making a mess.. so ure like sooo my idol right now :P

  3. That’s funny. You know 3baid this is the more than double highest number of comments any of your previous posts got! Just for how to eat a flake. Post the video I’m telling you.

    Or you know what, just wait until YouTube starts sharing it’s profit with users :)

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