USB Flash vs SD Cards

Kingston DataTraveler Reader

Does it make more sense to buy SD rather than flash? After a bit of thinking I’ve come up with the following list of advantages:

  • Numerous devices support SD but not USB (TVs, cameras, PDAs, phones, etc..)
  • SD and USB devices of identical capacities have almost matching price tags (check
  • You can use an SD as USB (via adapter), but not the other way around

Anything else?


8 thoughts on “USB Flash vs SD Cards

  1. i wish i could atfalsaf n list why u should blah blah and shouldnt blah blah
    but since im a retard when it comes to these things, i just dropped by to say hello (and make a fool of myself)

  2. I stopped using the flash drives…I carry my camera, I use the ultraII storage if I need something to be transferred…and if its less than 20 MB, I attach it to my email and download back from home…bingo!!!

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