150 Fils Printers

An all-in-one HP printer that comes with its set of ink cartridges sells for KD 19.950 (see Paper Dump) while the price for ink cartridges alone cost KD 19.800.


6 thoughts on “150 Fils Printers

  1. Oh yeah!! Talk about a total rip off, no? But you know you something? My uncle advised me to get an Epson back when I was in collage cuz the ink is supposedly cheaper, yeah? So I did but I remember cursing that stupid cursed piece of deomic half-witted twisted maching so much I swore never to buy anything but an HP even if it made a hole in my monthly allowance!!

  2. 3baid, you are right. Other than HP, it’s like asking for a favor to get an ink. I have tried Epson and am very disappointed. it has 4 cartidges, total cost 20 KD. Not good quality at all, and to start printing, you would think the printer is about to take off or something!

    It seems they have found ink business is more profitable than printers. Back in 1998 I had the best HP printer it kept working for years. It was too economic on ink as well. But recently, it seems they discard the printer quality to encourage more sales. I know someone who would buy a new printer every time he runs out of ink, and then sell all old printers for 10 KD. I think he saves by doing so.

    Laser printers, though expensive maybe the best choice on the long run. Otherwise Canon have the best reviews for ink printers.

  3. Unfortunately 3baid, no i’m not sure. Their store is nearby though if you like I can for you, though I don’t trust sellers over here. Browsing quickly on Amazon, they seem to support Mac OS X.

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