Speaking of Cats…

About 7 or so years ago (I can’t keep track anymore!), before going to a nearby mosque for the Al-Fitr prayer, my mother told me that if I wished for something during the Eid prayers, the chances of them being fulfilled are higher. Mind you, the last time my prayers were answered was when I had just came back from Mecca (3omra/pilgrimage) and wanted to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Anyway, with that in mind, I thought I’d pray for something absurd, just to rule out any doubts of coincidences and test the Almighty –I asked for a cat.

In fact, I moved it a step further and wished for a cat right this moment. That was obviously too good to be true, so I quickly dismissed the idea and indulged myself with thoughts of how I’m going to be spending my Eid holiday. On my way back home, I noticed that our front door was left open. My mother liked the weather during dawn and decided she’d let in some fresh air into the house.

But that’s not the only thing she let in. Indeed, a cat had snuck into our house, heard us coming, ran all the way to my room (the second floor!) and clung onto the window grill!

Window grill

Too bad I couldn’t keep the cat, but that’s one heck of a proof-of-concept! @_@


11 thoughts on “Speaking of Cats…

  1. Mashallla! I didn’t know that! Dude you’re telling me i’ve wasted several Eids without this knowledge… Damn.. So umm yeah when’s next Eid again? Btw next time you should probably be more specific and say I want to keep the cat too ;p

  2. 3baid – try getting a specific breed of cat called a Ragdoll, they actually have less dander (allergy causing agent) that leads to the development of cat allergies.. and trust me they’re much prettier than your other option.. the sphynx (remember that cat in Friends that said ‘RACHEL’) ;P

    PS be even more specific… pray that you keep it forever and ever and ever…. ok an immortal cat.. thats creepy..

  3. 3baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid!!!!! You’re going to be my new bestest friend!!!!! First of all I think it’s very cute you actually tried it out lol Allah yitgabal minik dom ya rab :) … I LOVE cats!!! I used to have cats all my life since I was little! My mother never liked it because she thought it causes female problems that might lead to difficulty in having babies. My last kittens were 5 months old- they were white german persians without a single colored hair! Ppl used to run after me in public places begging me to sell ’em! I loved them to DEATH!! And yes they were taken away from me while I went out of the house- i came back and I didn’t find them. I was angry at my mother so much but I understand she did it cuz she loved me.

  4. “My mother never liked it because she thought it causes female problems”

    I don’t understand how these rumors go around. House cats are clean and harmless!

    “they were taken away from me while I went out of the house”

    I hate it when parents do things behind their children’s backs >_<

  5. Oh about the female problems crap… sorry i just think it is one of the pathetic Kuwaiti rumors that get out of hand… Basically feline feces MAY be carrying a certain parasite Toxoplasma gondii which can cause Toxoplasmosis. This is a danger to pregnant women since it can be transmitted to the fetus leading to complications such as mental retardation, loss of vision etc. They way to get exposed to it is by ingesting the occysts found in the feces. The way to avoid it is either use gloves when cleaning the litter box or just WASH YOUR HANDS. But oh no… here comes the Kuwaiti rumor mill and SHOOTS down cats… Good thing Kuwait’s economy didn’t depend on cat breeding hehe btw another similar BS Kuwaiti urban legend? Oral contraceptives lead to sterility….

  6. The kitty litter issue is true. Easy solution – when you are pregnant, your husband changes the litter. When our son turned 29, my husband asked me how long he has to keep changing the kitty litter after I am no longer pregnant, LLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!

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