The Latest In Pizza Evolution

Shawarma Pan Pizza

What do you think of the new shawarma pizzas? If this sells, I’m reserving the rights for kebab pizza and shish taouk pizza! :o

Update: Pearls tried it !


11 thoughts on “The Latest In Pizza Evolution

  1. looool don’t forget steak-sandwich pizza, halloum pizza, falafil pizza AND baidiyan/bo6a6 pizza hehhehehe ;)

  2. Pizza with Irani break, we did that at home. Keep away from it. Not a good idea though.

    Pizza Hut keeps desperately trying to save it’s existence with new taste every day, still Papa Jones and Dominos are the best. Pizza Hut taste will differ every time you try it.

  3. honestly ive never tried shwarma… there’s something about the 9a3eedi chopping the shwarma on the side of the street where car exhaust pollutants saturate the air just doesnt get me drooling.. I wonder if pizza hut knows about this latest hybrid :P

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