Starting the Week with a Nightmare

Tank on the street
I got up, left the house, and there were tanks everywhere. We were at war. Again.

That’s the dream I had this morning. Maybe it’s a sign that I should stay home? :/

17 thoughts on “Starting the Week with a Nightmare

  1. I noticed increased number of police cars. I think it’s for that driving week that nobody ever knows of. Note I only saw it by change on TV yesterday.

  2. Ohhhh… I thought seeing tanks was like a nightmare :P
    Silly me, but there were 3 police cars standing nearby one traffic light. They really looked silly I wanted to snapshot them.

  3. [So why didn’t you? :P]
    Coz in morning people drive so crazy, it’s a miracle you make it to work in one place, and my 6600 nokia phone which by God’s well is somehow still alive takes 20 seconds to snapshot ;/

    I am waiting for Google Phone now :>

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