Which and Why?

Is it better to own one powerful computer that can do many things, or have multiple slower computers that work on fewer tasks each?

11 thoughts on “Which and Why?

  1. I agree as well, but it’s not because of Google :P

    I think with many computers, it’s easier to maintain the separate independent systems. If you run an intensive task on one system, you can go about doing another task on another machine without having any kind of risk or bottlenecks.

  2. Haha, Angelo I’m not talking about hardware or software so this has nothing to do with apple. :P

    Think of it this way: would you prefer one machine that ran Mac, Windows, and Linux or three separate machines each with it’s own OS? :)

  3. i would consider the risk involved in both situations:

    1. One Good Computer:
    – the loss of all the information in case something happens
    – the interruption it causes because one cannot use the computer
    2. Two Slow Computers:
    – tasks will take longer to complete

    after seeing the risks (there might be more) clearly choice 2 is less of a risk

  4. Just a thought :)
    For home, I like to have one primary where I do all the work, and it’s all setup. Another PC on the side is always better however. I lack space right now and soon, I want a second PC nearby to do tasks, low cost one perhaps. But since we are talking about separate PCs, not sharing resources, I say one of the PCs has to be good for large tasks and ofcourse… games :)

    on another scale, my friend just tried two monitors for one PC, for developers he says it’s real good.

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