Hey, How’s It Hanging?


Mr Mosquito,

Your persistence is not amusing and my temper is growing short. Leave now, while you still can, or I’ll be forced to inflict unrecoverable damage. It’s true that you’ve evolved around 170 million years ago, but please, don’t make me prove that we are the superior species once more.



21 thoughts on “Hey, How’s It Hanging?

  1. Ants are the bad guys in my house. They walk all over the floor in all directions, and they even work overtime at winter! I did some massive attacks at their home base and used chemical powders of mass destruction.

  2. LoL! They have been on the increase haven’t they?
    Flies too! Such pests…
    They’re most annoying when you can hear them buzzing around while you’re asleep, looking for that uncovered piece of flesh so they can devour your blood! UGH!

  3. LooooooooL
    you are toooooooo funny 3baid
    BTW, have you ever experienced a spider bite (10 times worse than Mosquito man)
    you reminded me of a story … i might blog about it i guess

  4. “have you ever experienced a spider bite”

    No, but I’m willing to try it if it would give me spider powers :]

    “i might blog about it i guess”


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