No Two Are Created Equal

Water bottles

Did it evaporate?


13 thoughts on “No Two Are Created Equal

  1. well, I am sure kuwait at least is running out of water. Funny thing, people who have over limit bills of water and electricity are getting same benefits as we do, and when resources go down, we all lose electricity, no matter who paid bills or not. Today I knew they sent warning cause I did not pay for my phone line they will cut it :P

  2. awalan mabrook 3ala el-site.

    really nice to see you back and blogging.

    also, I find your observation skills impeccable. I don’t know that water can evaporate through plastic..

    what’s the brand of water?

  3. True Faith, you’re right! Half-filled you say? :o *gasp*

    Bashar, o dear :/

    Misguided, thank you, thank you, my observations are nothing special trust me :P It’s Abraaj water.

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