Internet is Down Again

At around 12:10 am, my internet connection dropped for some reason. After tonight’s crazy weather, I’m thinking, “maybe the ISP got flooded?” :/

Update: It turned out that my internet connection expired! Why wasn’t I notified of this? Anyway.. I reconnected via dialup on the purchase account and…

Subscription Renewal: 256 KD – 10% = KD 230.400

NBK account: 230 KD

I’m broke and 400 fils in debt :'(

To make matters worse, one of those pesky mosquitoes decided to use my toothbrush as it’s own grave! >_< Now I have to go and buy a new toothbrush!


11 thoughts on “Internet is Down Again

  1. Not sure if there will be better, but sure it won’t get any worse!

    The damn mosquito chose the worst place and time to die

    400 fils for a toothbrush, that’s gonna be hard to find. Maybe they sell it on monthly installment… This country keeps amazing me at what things go on installment

    Speaking of toothbrush, I know it’s not polite to offer, but for some reason we are two and I see five toothbrushes in our bathroom! I threw one away and somehow saw it come back! I felt awkward about asking how!!! :(

  2. :(
    seems like your having a bad day
    don’t worry i am here to save the day :D
    *starts thinking*
    *how do people save the day*
    ops, sorry i don’t have any special powers. Therefore, i don’t believe i can save the day :/
    It will pass buddy ^_^

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