It’s Not Over Yet!

3baid: Mom, if you pass by the co-op today, please get me a new toothbrush.
Mom: Sure, anything else?
3baid: Actually, get toothpaste and deodorant while you’re at it.
Mom: Okay.
3baid: Nothing faintly-scented, or girly like last time please; I want something thats strong or sport-ish…
Mom: I see..


I get Dove antiperspirant @___@;

Whatever happened to Gillet, Adidas, Axe, etc.. *cries*


7 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Yet!

  1. 3baid: Are you going to look like the lady in the TV ad now? At least you got a toothbrush now

    True Faith: He would have, except that he is broke and wanted to walk around it ;)

  2. Sou, she argued that I’m not supposed to use scented stuff and just be “clean” instead.

    Laialy, thank you, but I don’t think that will be necessary at the moment :P

    True Faith, LOL, I usually get things myself but I’m too busy these days.

    Bashar, I’m not going to use it obviously. I don’t want to smell like a girl :/

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