Give It Back! Give It Back!

“Give Azusa back her Charlotte!” -One of the most hilarious Ranma episodes XD


12 thoughts on “Give It Back! Give It Back!

  1. You are another manga fan. As much as I like cartoons, I am still trying to see the hidden secret behind Manga massive success and can’t find it.

  2. Laialy, you can find a bunch of episodes on YouTube, but not all episodes are equal :P This clip was taken from episode one of season two.

    Bashar, I’m not a true manga/anime fan as I only like a small fraction of what’s out right now. I still think the old stuff has more quality than the newer work. Ranma is an 80s cartoon.

  3. Ranma is by far my favourite anime! It’s the only thing I could watch with my brothers and cousins growing up, all the other animes were so gory and bloody and violent ;/ I liked ranma cause it was funny and defied conventions – i mean come on! lol hot water = boy cold water = girl or vice versa. pure genius.

  4. Don’t you just love the 9a3roorat in anime? heheheheh they look so cute!! and I hate dubbed anime.. i only watch subbed.

  5. Oh my god…I cannot agree more. However, later in that episode (or I guess after 2 episodes), the hilarious thing is when Azusa grabs a giant hammer and whacks her partner with it…classic scene :D

    I think she also appeares in another episode in a much later season. Ranma 1/2 was literally my portal to the real anime world. Have you seen Miason Ikkuko by the way?

  6. Ranma is one of the best dubbed series ever, the Japanese version is amazing too. I think it’s more of a late 80’s – 90’s series really. I need to watch it again, and Bashar, anime is really an uplifter. You won’t understand until you get into it, some series have stories that are oscar worthy and are just impossible to describe!

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