You Asked For It

3baid shirts

Get ’em while they’re hot! LOL :P


11 thoughts on “You Asked For It

  1. No they shrink at the size of your brain hehehehehe…
    ME LIKE 3BAID… do they come in pink?! I want a pink one!

  2. We should! *whisper whisper whisper* :D

    What? You didn’t get that? :/

    I said, “maybe next year, I’ll release limited matching pants, but don’t tell anyone!” :P

  3. Deal!

    *takes out calculator*

    Lets see.. zero times.. 50%… that’s… zero…minus some viral and word-of-mouth marketing.. and.. *punches some more numbers* …cost of cotton…ink…research and development… donations to the save-a-kitty campaign…

    That’s $ -10,750 total :)

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