Researchers Say, “Dieting Does Not Work”

No, duh! Exercise people, EXERCISE!

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9 thoughts on “Researchers Say, “Dieting Does Not Work”

  1. It’s funny when you see how people read all about diet, and say they are on diet. Drink Diet drinks on the side of the hamburger full of mayonnaise :P

  2. Just like the need for everyday nutrition, the body needs everyday movement. Unfortunately, the car-desk-and-couch lifestyle makes it easy to pile up the pounds.

  3. I love fitness and all that freakish healthy stuff and trust me it’s not only for losing weight- it makes you a happy person as cheesy as that might sound :)

    looooooool WAY TO GO LAIALY!!!! Eat as muuuuuuch as you want then PUUUUUUKE it all ..hahahahhaha

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