Can I Borrow Your Pencil?

“A mechanical pencil’s life span is not dependent on its resource of lead, but rather of its rubber.” -3baid


18 thoughts on “Can I Borrow Your Pencil?

  1. Hmph! No wonder… Don’t believe in mechanical pencils, buy REEEEAAAL pencils- pencils that are genuine heroic and true!! Wooden pencils, smell it, bite it, and tap it on white crisp paper. A bouquet of sharpened pencils… *sigh*

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  3. hahaha

    So true; for two main reasons:

    1. I use the pencil to able me to erase mistakes, no more rubber means no more erasing!

    2. the rubber is lid of where you refill your pencil

    and no you can not borrow my pencil for the same reason Laialy mentioned :P

  4. Red Blooded Woman, I don’t lose my stuff easily.

    Laialy, are you calling me dirty? @_@

    Missy, in a busy busy world, I don’t have time to sharpen :P

    True Faith, exactly ;)

    Bashar, a teacher once said, somewhere in the world, there’s a huge pile of every lost pen and pencil. Imagine that x_X

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