Word of the Day

Pidgin – any language created, usually spontaneously, out of two or more languages as a means of communication between speakers of different tongues, and usually a simplified form of one of the languages.

long time no see
no can do

Me talk like that all times! :]

14 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. Me think you right. Me think you no think when you talk like that. Me think you SUPER COOOL hehehehhe..

  2. 3baid,
    long time :)

    Allow me to go off-topic:

    There’s a lecture and exhibition tonight (Monday) at the Kuwait National Museum that i think you’d enjoy.

    It’s about the recent findings of archeological exvacations going on in Failaka Island.

    It starts at 7:30 at the Kuwait National Museum (gulf road, next to Parliament)

    Hope you can make it…

  3. AU, hello :)

    I read about it on your blog, but unfortunately, I wish I had the time to attend these sort of exhibitions and stuff; my time is fully consumed by my studies and I don’t get much break :/

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