5 Minute Storm

Yesterday was exciting :)


Streets were flooded,


we got some hail,

Flooded kitchen

…aaand my grandmother’s kitchen got a little fountain XD


12 thoughts on “5 Minute Storm

  1. Oh, I was in the middle of Gulf Road during that little Tropical (?!?) Storm we had. Windshield wipers couldn’t keep up, but it was amazing truly great, especially with half the road flooded.

  2. I was enjoying it because:

    1- it’s a different and rare atmosphere
    2- when things stop working the way they normally do (TV, traffic, etc…), you have to pause and think differently
    3 – It reminds me that we’re still just humans

  3. I love rain. I lose working mode when it rains I just wanna run under rain like 5 years old kid. I once left work 1 hour early for it :P

    Every time it rains I mess playing soccer. My favorite atmosphere for it. My friend asked me, doesn’t rain mean anything to you but soccer? I said NO, what could it mean? ‘3arga he said.

    Next two days people died from the heavy rain :(. In rowda we had brede, I was stroke by one on the hand and it damn hurts. but I didn’t see any flood though.

  4. I think you’re an interesting creature 3baid =) I really do!
    You not only talk funny but you think very creatively! awesome!! hehehe

  5. Bashar, ouch @_@

    Missy, now I’m a flattered creature :]

    Peony, I don’t care as long as it’s not too hot!

    LOOOL eshda3wa, maybe if it were a little deeper? ;P

  6. Riding in the rain wasn’t the smartest thing! And the biggest balls of ice was 3ind el blajaat! I saw them hitting my face! Thank god for a DOT approved helmet! And I was riding like a demon! hehehee

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