Somebody Please Explain This

Kinda inspired by Angelo’s post.


19 thoughts on “Somebody Please Explain This

  1. Advertisements are what they are. Ploys to get consumers to spend their money on products that appeal to them.

    Although i did wanna crack up in a hysterical fashion at how corny the ad is, and how a shampoo could affect anyone’s life when considering that their hair is covered, it did appeal to me in one sense. They’re not segregating the men and the women. And they’re not denying emotions. Picture this ad being endorsed in more conservative places. It won’t make the cut, because while on the one hand its promoting ‘decency’ i.e. the hijab, it is simultaneously promoting relationships with the other sex. Considering all the segregation that’s going on in the Arab world, this would definitely be considered taboo.

    You have to admit that the woman is not being turned into a sexual object too. I mean, you see her as a college student who is crushing – unlike let’s say an ad for Herbal Essence (Whereas those are definitely more fun to watch, they reiterate the base image of women as sexual objects).

    I babbled wayid I know. I’m not advocating ‘religious’ advertisements in the least sense, but I was just trying to explain it ;p

  2. loooooooooooool

    Awwwww!!! They’re cuuuute!! Wallah they’re cute! This should be a Valentine’s Ad hehe, but I don’t understand something. Why isnt’ her hair showing in the Ad when she’s at home using the shampoo? M7ajibat do have hair you know hehehe… =P

  3. cixousianpanic explained it best (yay for you!)

    1. Shampoo makes is supposed to make your hair look/feel great, however none of it was displayed hence it had nothing to do with any of the “pleasant events” that occur. (…unless it boosted her confidence maybe?)

    2. For a conservative who wears a hijab, having a relationship isn’t exactly the the right kind of approach to that situation, but at the same time, you can’t deny that they might have those feelings towards the other gender.

  4. ana agoolik shino 9ar
    she washed her hair oo ra7at el library
    sham elwalad ree7taha
    ga3d yfaker yarabee shino halree7a shino hal ree7a
    (the background music kan ur sent mesmirizes me)
    oo yoom wara yoom ehe just to identify the smell

    lamman dara its SUNSILK
    ra7 oo shara elshampoo

    rad 2 days later galatla wain ekhtefait
    gal r7t a9eer 7elo mithlich
    galat eeh akeed sunsilk lana sha3rik oo ree7ta 9ayreen eyaninoon

    (background music: ur sent ur sent babYyyy)


    I didnt know I hit the CAPS lock but I’m not going to re-type that. Anyway, the ad is very confusing but then when I read eshda3wa’s comment.. Man you gotta love my cousin


    I’m glad you’re here

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