Passive Countering

“If you can’t win by the one thing you’re good at, beat them at the many that they’re not.” -3baid

23 thoughts on “Passive Countering

  1. cixousianpanic, thanky :)

    Missy, hmm.. now I’m curious about your answer :/

    BB, up to you :P

    NoNoWa, you’ll always end up somewhere, it only depends if you like that place or not :P

    Marzouq, why the slow motion? x_X;

  2. lol I didn’t have an answer in mind to be honest- It ws fun making u curious though :P …madri …yimkin your ability to condense 50 words to 2 ….

  3. *Head up high, smilling back at you*

    if you were hit by the best thing you have, or at least have been challenged with it, then you should know you are in the lead, people look up to beat the standards & go above them because there is no use of fighting with the ordinary!


    smile, be ur self, u can’t be mistaken.

  4. eshda3wa, what about it? :P

    Missy, why do you keep trying to get more out of me? :o

    ChillGirl, always with a smile :D

    MacaholiQ8, thank you :]

  5. I’m just curious about one thing though. How come it is “Passive Countering” ? If you’re beating them & taking up the challenge in some form or another, then that is visible involevement which isn’t passive at all, no?

  6. Missy, it’s passive because it doesn’t involve focusing your energy into one thing, but rather, going around small subtle elements that don’t need much effort :P

  7. Oh I see! So in other words you should call it “LAZY Countering”. That’s more like it… hehe…

    Personally I just prefer using fists =P

  8. well it reminds me of two other lovely quotes:

    “Don’t practice a thousand attack, practice one attack a thousand times”

    “When you are not practicing, remember, someone somewhere is practicing, and when you meet him he will win”

    That last one hit me in the bones

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