Un-Kuwaiti-like Behavior

A friend and I decided to go McDonald’s for a late night meal. Just as we were about to leave however, he makes this observation:


Friend: Don’t you think we’re neat?
3baid: Neat?
Friend: Yeah…

I looked around at the nearby tables where two or more men had eaten:



3baid: You’re right… tells you something doesn’t it? :/


27 thoughts on “Un-Kuwaiti-like Behavior

  1. looooool! I had McDonalds the other day too, I don’t know why but I’m feeling it these days! Its not a good thing, and I should be cutting back for sure!

  2. lol, they always look at me weird when I empty my tray before I leave or throw the popcorn on the way out of the cinema- ta5alof :/

  3. a7la shai once one of my nephews was returning his plastic seat in the cinema when this kuwaiti guy comes and tells him “la 7abibi, 5ala mokana, al7in il5amam irida mokana”. I looked at him shocked, pulled my nephew’s arm and told him “LA 7ABIBI RETURN IT TO ITS PLACE AFTER YOU’RE DONE!!!!”.

    That’s how they teach our kids to be lazy bums!

  4. I am VERY neat when it comes to eating out, even if we eat home but as long as there are bags, boxes to keep the junk in I arrange things in them. I am the first trash organizer among the eaters, if one finishes his/ her fries you see me taking it pilling the fries boxes in each other inside the paper bag LOL, at times some thing ana wswaseya ;p

    Oh and I usually finish up their tissues I dont know why!

  5. Fayoora, that’s so considerate of her :P

    cixousianpanic, True. My tray may be neat but I’m a messy eater >:]

    True Faith, Thank you and I think the workers at McDonald’s are even luckier ;P What about yourself? :)

  6. ya7lailkum neat! ana 6farti is people *coughmysistercough* who don’t pick up after themselves! ya3ni ilmafrooth aqal shay they put the empty boxes in a bag – it’s not that hard!

  7. Mashallah so if we’re all clean n neat here then who’s making all these messes in the restaurants?

    C’MON GUYS CONFESS!!!!! Lazim ako a7ad messy here… Whoever confesses will get 100 KD. in cash =D

  8. hmmm maybe you guys didn’t order as much as those who were next to you. You’re missing the potatoes and the ketchup.

    The tray however still show some unexpected neatness at McDonalds

  9. I think it’s an art.

    The design of the tray remains in tact, whilst the content is manipulated and devoured.

    Eating simple, by design.

  10. By the time I’m done eating my tray is full of ketchup and a million tissues and torn papers and leftovers.

  11. my friends and I almost always clean our trays and return them to the clean ones :P clean-cut alert! Anyway Star Bucks left-overs are much WORSE and always crammed

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