Be Swift

Don’t Look


27 thoughts on “Be Swift

  1. Missy’s Interpretation:

    1st Picture: Li6ifa & Mazen were out walking in the avenues. Li6ifa was shopping and she stared at Mazen to ask him about something.

    2nd Picture: Ila il a5 6ayi7 tibi9bi9 ib wa7da thaniya!!

    3rd Picture: Maskina Li6ifa in9admat! 6la3at 3alamat istifham min da5il ras’ha o 6arat fog. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!??! YOU JERK!!! I DONT WANNA EVER SEE YOU AGAIN”. Mazen panicked “RUUUUUUUUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! RUN LIKE THE BULLS OF THE FRONTIERS MEN!!!”

    —– THE END ——

  2. I think a lot of men & women get all wrapped up in staring competitions bilkuwait. Mostly they’re harmless really unless it’s overly done.

    *a7em* I personally think staring is justified if the victim is worth being stared at =D hehe…

    *taking a lady-like-bow*

  3. NOOO Missy, you got it all wrong…

    This is how I understand :)

    1- Lady stares at man
    2- Man brings down his eyes as a sign of shy and politeness
    3- Lady does the same and more (it’s all acting see)
    4- Man takes advantage of situation and runs away :P

  4. I see it this way

    1. Girl stares at guy
    2. Guy sees a roach
    3. Girl looks at what he is looking at and freezes at her place while the guy runs away (from the roach of course)

  5. Actually, it’s much simpler:

    1. She stares at the guy.
    2. He doesn’t feel comfortable so he pretends to notice something (on the floor)
    3. She checks to see what he was looking at, while he makes a run for it.

  6. Mabi!! Ana 9a7 o intaw kilikom ‘3ala6!! hehehehe… ;)

    Actually yeah when I read your explanations it made more sense than my soap opera! Although my soap opera was cute, no? *blink blink* LOOOOOOL

  7. The reason he posted the image without comment is for us to use our imagination, so it’s alright I guess…

    Unless if he thought it’s self explanatory and we all kind of turned out idiots :P

  8. loooool Bashar!! What’s wrong with turning out into an idiot? I think idiots are creative creatures and it takes some serious idiotness to undertand them idiotnessly!

    Anyway.. why did he run 3baid? He didn’t like her? Or was it because she stared first? Men like hard to get, you like hard to get 3baid?
    No wonder you posted this post nnnnhehehehe ….

  9. aham shay ina ur blog is back wana madry! la ou sarla qarn be3ad ;p

    LOOOOOOL at the pic! wonder why a guy would wanna run away min wa7da hitting on him :|

    werid guys ;p

  10. Bashar, it’s a bit of both :P

    Missy, I didn’t say anything. Hey, what’s that thing on the ceiling?! :o *runs* :]

    omtantoo7, welcome to my room :)

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