David Blaine 2


8 thoughts on “David Blaine 2

  1. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!
    Abey I just looooooove the way he stares at the camera after every prank… ya3ni SERIOUS hhahahahhaha…

    Who is this? Awal mara ashoofa… is this like 6naza 3ala Copperfield?

  2. O yeah and the 2nd funny thing that cracked me up was the constant “YOU F!!!” hahahahah NO YOU F.. loooooool mo7taramin 7adhom =P

  3. hahahaaahahaha! I was busting up! Gotta love David Blane! Seriously hilarious shit! They really are making fun of him! I gotta say the guy has the stare down!

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