Amazonian Emails

“Based on your previous purchases in apparel, we thought you might be interested in designer lingerie…”


Darn it Amazon, it was just a bag that one of my relatives wanted; I’m not interested in your latest line of Nicole Miller underwear, leave me alone! >_<


14 thoughts on “Amazonian Emails

  1. But yeah Amazon has this habit of doing that! I bought this book like ages ago that was…um… how you say? err.. a little bit weird Hhehe Now everytime I log in, they suggest the damn genre! But it comes in handy sometimes..

  2. Well, you can always go their site and mark the item as Not Interested.
    My recommendations are full of manga stuff I can’t bare to watch ;/. Sister in law keeps asking me for more.

    But if you want funny stuff, see this. I got recommendation on Amazon site for King Kong 2-Disc Special Edition because I bought in the past Nero 6 :P

    I sent them inquiry and they could not really explain it.

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